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Greetings from Your Body Mechanic!
Katrina Guthrie LMT, NCTMB 
Are you simply Not functioning at the same energy level as you used to?  Do you suffer from Chronic aches and pains?  Is "Stressed Out" a statement that you frequently use?  Sounds like you could use a Tune-up! 
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Indulge yourself in ANY of the following treatment:

The Tune Up~#1 Most Requested~
Full body relief massage. Mixture of various massage techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization and Trigger Point Work.  
60 min $85/90 min $115   

The Climate Control Treatment 
~Hot Stone Massage~                                                          
Use of heated iron enriched smooth, flat stones placed on key points of the body. Calms nervous system, rebalances the body and mind, improves circulation and relaxes muscles allowing for deeper work. 
60 min. $75/90 min. $105

The Cooling System Treatment
~Classic Swedish Massage~ 
Long, smooth strokes, kneading and movements focused on superficial layers of muscle. 
60 min. $65/90 min. $95                                          

The Inspection and Emissions Treatment
 ~Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Work~
Focus on breaking up adhesions due to chronic muscle tension or injury. Adhesions block circulation, cause pain, limited movement, and inflammation. Treatment realigns deeper layers of muscle, relieves pain, restores normal movement. 
60 min. $75/90 min. $105 


The Battery Start & Recharge
~ Seated Chair Massage~
To stimulate, rejuvenate, relieve tension.    
15 min. $15/30 min. $30
The Brake Job
 Short on time... choose any massage treatment of your choice.
Same benefits with only half of the time.
30 min. $45
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